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12.31 (Tue) @ WWW / WWW X / WWWβ
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Past Event

This event was held on 2019.12.31 (Tue).

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12.31 (Tue) | WWW / WWW X / WWWβ, Tokyo, Japan


  • date_range 2019/12/31 (Tue) 21:00 - 05:00
  • grade Live / Hip Hop / Techno
  • labelGezanMr. TiesokadadaTohji¥ØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$UGabber Modus OperandiVaVa悪魔の沼 ( Compuma / Dr.Nishimura / Awano)Aspara田我流EY∃KMLim KimMari SakuraiMars89MoodmanSANTAWORLDVIEWSuiminリョウコ2000Yoshinori HayashiYOUNG-GMMM(stillichimiya/OMK)
  • placeWWW / WWW X / WWWβ
  • Japan / Tokyo
  • 東京都渋谷区宇田川町13-17 ライズビル
  • https://www-shibuya.jp/

Date: December 31, 2019 (Tue) OPEN/START: 21:00
Venue: WWW / WWW X / WWWβ
Advance tickets: ¥ 3,500 (tax included / all standing / drinks not included)
Starring: 悪魔の沼 (Compuma, Dr.Nishimura, Awano) / Aspara / 田我流 / EYヨ (BOREDOMS) / Gabber Modus Operandi / GEZAN / KM / Lim Kim / Mari Sakurai / Mars89 / Moodman / Mr. Ties / okadada / SANTAWORLDVIEW / suimin / リョウコ2000 / Tohji / VaVa / Yoshinori Hayashi / ¥ØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$U / YOUNG-G、MMM(stillichimiya/OMK) / (A to Z)

※You must be 20 or over with Photo ID to enter

Organizer / Planning / Production: WWW

Inquiries: WWW 03-5458-7685


WWW / WWW X / WWWβ, New Year Party “INTO THE 2020” to enter 2020 on 3 floors!

As a countdown act, the 1st mixtape “angel” was released in August this year, and the hosting parties “Platina Ade” and “HYDRO” locked a crowded audience, focusing on youth in a wide range of activities that kept updating existing concepts lightly. The rapper “Tohji” who receives overwhelming support,

And this year, Fuji Rock's white stage showed an enthusiasm and left a deep impression on the audience. In October, just a few days after the typhoon of the “All Sensation Festival” hosted in October, the “SHIBUYA All Sensation Festival” The alternative rock band “GEZAN”, which involved the city of Shibuya and became an enthusiastic whirlpool, appeared.

Together, this year a lot of enthusiasm and a countdown live by both of them moving to an unknown horizon.

Furthermore, Rave Altana hardcore duo “Gabber Modus Operandi” from Indonesia, genius DJ “Mr. Ties”, which has gained cult popularity mainly in Berlin, and gathers tremendous trust from floor to floor, from Fuji Rock to small boxes. “Okadada”, the nationwide tour after the release of “VVORLD”, the 2nd album with the most popular name as early as possible, “VaVa”, which raises its reputation as a producer, further expands the scope of activities in Europe and Asia, opening the 2019 WWW A lineup of seven sets of “¥ ØU $ UK € ¥ UK1MAT $ U”, which also decorated.

A special night where you enter 2020 with artists who are active across genres and borders and look into the hope of the next alternative. The second performer will be announced at a later date!

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